EYP SCAP develops and certifies for AENA a new Communication Equipment


The R&D division of EYP SCAP has carried out, under AENA specifications, the development, manufacture and certification of the "CSA-2009", a new signal converter equipment for Air Navigation communications.

The CSA-2009 provides a flexible, secure and efficient solution in order to adapt outdated ATC communication equipment towards more recent telecommunication networks and protocols. This way, its main target is to allow extending the useful life of these costly and complex equipments that would otherwise became obsolete.

The equipment allows the access to the ATS AGVN (ATS “Air Ground Voice Network”) from Legacy VCSs (Voice Communication System)

In addition, it incorporates a number of additional features such as a line/equipment monitoring. It even allows the use of the equipment as a "Contingency" alternative in case of failure of the voice communication system.