The objective of our company is to use the SCAP technology in industrial process control, in order to optimise performance.

In order to be totally flexible, the SCAP systems is compatible with control hardware and the instrumentation most suitable in every case.

Our customers obtain, as results to our projects, an important improvement in their production, as well as savings in time and energy.

The internationally patented Adaptive Predictive Control System (SCAP) gives the name to the company.

The SCAP system allows:

  • Adaptative Predictive Control of critical variables.
  • Non-stop measurement of industrial performance.
  • Continuous identification of the operating points that maximise industrial performance.
  • Complete automation of all processes.
  • Centralised Windows supervision.

Resulting benefits:

  1. Production increase
  2. Energy saving
  3. Rise in product quality
  4. Uniform operation of the installations, reducing the start ups and stops, and avoiding failures thus prolonging the operational life of the machines.
  5. Specific system adaptation to the operation requirements of every process, thus making its performance independent from skills, virious criteria and operators attention.
  6. In the Windows environment, it facilitates to the maximun the operator task without demanding specialized knowledge.